The Sterilization Revolution

Eradication and deodorant Generator "Eradication Revolution ®" :

The current solution to address the issue of water sanitation is to have hypochlorite diluted in water, or relying on alcohol eradication, for infection measures such as norovirus, influenza, and O-157 or buying expensive disinfectant water.
In some cases, there is no effect in the aqueous solution of hypochlorite or alcohol, and by increasing the usage of our "skin friendly aqueous solution", which has a wide range of effects, it is possible to prevent infection.
Unification of sanitary management (effective for all fungi with this disinfectant water) is possible at a low running cost. It is suitable for facilities which have a high necessity for odor control (restroom, garbage, disposal units).

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In recent years, the risk of exposure to the threat of highly contagious bacteria or viruses such as norovirus and avian influenza had increased. the importance of infection measures is increasing from the viewpoint of hygiene.

It is an important part of infection control, and there are a few business establishments including welfare facilities, hotels, and the hospital to introduce this purified and disinfected water. However, the equipment usually required for performing these operations and disinfecting water is usually quite expensive. Moreover, they are not always successful at eliminating all the germs.

This Sterilization Revolution is the first of its kind. With low costs and very high effectiveness in eliminating very contagious germs and bacteria, it is an answer to a long standing problem and people are taking notice.

It is this effective because it employs different technology when compared to its industrial counterparts.
Usually, purification and filtration systems rely on Sodium hypochlorite to add acidity to the water. But this is not enough. Our device takes it a step further by infusing the water with nano CO2 molecules to allow for better absorption and as such, better effectiveness.

Due to the nature of its production and usage, it is up to 10 times more cost effective.

With that, let us introduce The Sterilization Revolution.

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Weakly acidic hypochlorite water generation system "Sterilization Revolution"

 Product detail Product Description


Characteristics of the Sterilization revolution1

High sterilization power and high safety

Compared to other products, this has much higher efficiency with infection control.Due to the nature of its composition, the pH value of the solution is more stable, making it more effective.

We have put the device through rigorous testing and found that it can achieve sterilization and eliminate all bacteria and viruses in 15 seconds or less.

When it comes to adding acidity to water, a lot of people are concerned with safety. Our product, is even safer in this regard as it is a mixture of Hypochlorite and CO2.The lack of pure acidity and a more stable pH value adds to a safer substance.


Features of the Sterilization Revolution 2

Low Cost

Similar products to ours are also effective in killing bacteria. However, they are quite expensive when compared to ours.However with the、Sterilization Revolution, since the device is not completely dependent upon the acid, it becomes easier to manage costs as.

It was able to reduce the cost to one-tenth compared with the weaker acidic hypochlorite water of other companies. Depending on the period and span of use, the cost vs performance ratio is very good.


Product Characteristics

Ease of use

This product is easy to use.

When using similar products, it is often easy to get waste or liquid on your skin which can lead to rashes. If the liquid falls on fabric, it causes discoloration and damage.

However with our product, as we only have to replace the inner package, it becomes unnecessary to empty the canister and as such, there is no risk of any spillage.


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Supplier Information

Supplier Information

Company Name CO2 Systems Co., Ltd
Corporate number 4410001010358
Company description Our proprietary technology (patent pending) non-power & small, multifunctional mixing equipment "Water Nano Cyclone ®" can be mixed with ultra fine bubbles (nano valves) of liquids and gases.

We are developing and selling sterilization, deodorant generator, and artificial carbonated spring production equipment utilizing this technology.
We will continue to research and develop high-concentration oxygen water, Takano hydrogen water, and nano-valve ozone water.
Product and services Outline 1. Manufacturig and sales of high concentrated artificial carbonated spring watar equipment
2. Manufacture and sale of disinfecting water production equipment
3. Manufacture and sales of beauty and health products
4. Plumbing and sanitary maintanance Included
5. Manufacture and sale of equipment related to gas and water supply
6. Sales of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, expendable supplies and drug solutions
7. Glowier Japan Authorized Distributor
Supported Countries Japan
North America
Middle East
South East Asia

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The Sterilization Revolution

The Sterilization Revolution

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