· 4 times the adhesive strength of normal paint material
· Its Flexible Coating film is waterproof
· Reduce power consumption and heating
· High Thermal insulation effect prevents heat stroke

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"EN GAWA21", A Heat-Shielding And Insulated Coating That Integrates Innovative Technologies To Deliver Comfort To Everyone Around The World.
This Product Will Give You The Edge To Stay Above All The Competition.

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Standard Specifications
ProcessPaint NameDilution rate (%)Desired amount
(㎏ / ㎡)
Number of ReapplicationsReapplication IntervalRemarks
1. Undercoat AI Sealer 0 0.05 to 0.2 1 Reapplication 3 Hours or more
Within 2 days
Brush Hair
2. Main Coating Material EN · GAWA 21 0 to 5 0.3 2 Reapplications 3 to 4 Times or more
Within 2 Days
Brush Hair
3. Coating AD Green Coat 0 0.15 to 0.2 1 Reapplication Brush Hair

Color variations

Usage of EN · GAWA 21

Factory · warehouse · public facility · commercial facility · hospital · school · hotel · condominium · office plant · container house · detached house · livestock building · ship · temporary toilet etc.


High heat shielding and heat insulating performance
Solar radiation reflectance of the industry top level 92.3% (White / Near Infrared Wave Area)
Tested by JIS K 5602: 2008.
Strong adhesive strength
Excellent adhesion strength of 4 times the normal paint material, adhesion to various substrates, ⾧ Can be used without peeling time.
JIS K 5600-5-7 / adhesion test has been carried out. 2.1 MPa (Normal paint material: 0.5 MPa)
Excellent Flexibility
Coatings that are rich in flexibility have a large waterproof effect, coatings that stretch like rubber can withstand complete folding.
It is flexible and prevents water invasion due to cracks in buildings.
High resistance to salt damage
It is effective to prevent corrosion and defend against rust on exterior walls as well as factories located on the coast.
JIS K 5600-7-1/ Salt Spray Test conducted for 1,000 hours。
High weather resistance and durability
There is no cracking, swelling, peeling, and discoloration, preserving the aesthetic and quality of the building.
JIS K 5600-7-7/accelerated weathering test has been conducted for 5,000 hours.
Aqueous and easy to handle
It is eco friendly and use to its ease of use, its applications in construction is excellent.
JIS K 5601-4-1:2012 Formaldehyde emission (mg/L) Test has also been performed.
Muffling function
The paint contains special acrylic beads, which reflect and limit sound vibrations, reduce the noise of day to day life, and relieve stress caused by sound.
A decrease of 3 ~ 5db was achieved with the EN/gawa21 thickness of 0.45 mm.
Energy Saving Effect
The thermal insulation effect of special acrylic beads reduces the indoor temperature in summer, suppresses the escape of the warm air in winter, reducing the required heating and cooling power consumption.
Condensation suppression prevents corrosion , prolonging the lifespan of the building and proving to be economical in the long run.
Heat stroke prevention
The high thermal barrier effect prevents heat stroke by keeping the indoor temperature of the work area comfortable.

Test Construction Videos

Material Mix Airless 1st Spray First Roller Brush Application
Airless 2nd Spray Second Roller Brush Application Adgreen Coat
Adgreen Coat Roller Brush Application

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Supplier Information

Supplier Information

Company Name Nippon Permil.Co.,Ltd
Corporate number 180001074728
Company description After its founding in 1987, the company began manufacturing and selling sealants, adhesives, and coating materials, and concluded a basic transaction agreement with major Mitsubishi Plastics Co., Ltd. In the midst of high-performance paints, it has started overseas expansion and global distribution.
Supported Countries Japan

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