Hyperbaric Chamber

The best in Japanese Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers can help you lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. We also look at the uses and benefits of a Hyperbaric Chamber.

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Revitalize, renew and re-energize everyday with the O2 Capsule!

It is a well known scientific fact that increase in pressure, increases the absorption of gases. This is the theory behind Henry’s Law. Based on this principle, the hyperbaric chamber this concept to create an environment at a slightly higher pressure of up to 1.3 Atm. This enables up to 50% increased oxygen intake and is proven to be highly effective in maintaining good health, beauty and concentration.

Product Description

O2 Capsule

Great safety and durability. Completely automatic. Requires no manual operation. You can bring the controller inside the capsule, and can thus adjust or change the settings of the capsule all by yourself.

O2 Box(オーツーボックス)
O2 Box(Fully automatic type, completely unmanned)

The O2 Box is the perfect environment to rest, relax and enjoy the rejuvenating effect of a well designed hyperbaric chamber. The Box can easily accommodate up-to two people and can help create and environment beneficial for rest and relaxation. The automatic design is easy to operate and requires no additional assistance.

O2 Box(オーツーボックス)
O2 Box Large Scale [Full Auto]

This O2 Box is specially designed for group therapy and use. The higher concentration of oxygen within the unit makes it an ideal choice for aerobic training, exercise and rehabilitation. This is a go to choice for professional sports teams and health care facilities. It can even be used at home as a relaxation space for the whole family.

O2 Customized

Customizable Design :

The O2 Box is designed for convenience and can be customized to suit the installation location.

Choose from a range of colours :

The colour of the O2 Box can also be modified so as to suit the installation location better and merge well with the interiors.

Multitude of Applications :

The device can be used for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to massages, exercise, beauty treatments, recreation, lounge and more.

Multiple Installation Options :

O2 Capsules and Chambers can be customized to be used in a variety of locations including Osteopathic Clinics, Orthopedic Treatment, Sports Gyms, Day Care, Hospitals, Personal Home, Welfare, Sports Training Facilities.

ISO13485 Certification

Time World Co. Ltd has also acquired the ISO13485 certification, which is the international standard of quality management system in medical devices making the O2 Device especially safe and functional and easy to use.

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Supplier Information

Supplier Information

Company Name Time World Co., Ltd.
Corporate number 0100-01-065377
Company description We are the leading provider of oxygen capsules in Japan with expertise ranging from development and establishment to manufacturing and maintenance.
Product and services Outline Manufacture and Sale of Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber
Medical equipment, Health Appliances, Beauty Equipment, Cosmetic Purposes
New Development Support and Consulting
Supported Countries Japan
North America

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Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric Chamber

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