CO2SPA Artificial Carbonate Spring Generator

Artificial carbonate Spring Generator CO2SPA ® :
The high-concentration carbonate spring is effective against vascular diseases.
It can be used as a beauty maintenance product as well as to help reduce the effects of obstructive arteriosclerosis, pressure ulcers, hypertension, coldness, rehabilitation, beauty, and disease prevention.
The subjects include hospitals, clinics, care and welfare facilities, beauty salons, pet salons, and individuals who are interested in health and beauty.

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Features of CO2SPA 1

It is different from general hot water. Hot water that can be expected to expand vasodilation

Unlike ordinary water, CO2SPA is able to have beneficial vasodilation effects.

In a typical artificial carbonated spring, there are a lot of states that the carbon dioxide gas permeates the water, and the size of the bubble is not mentioned often.The size of the bubbles affect the rate of absorption through the skin. If the bubble of carbon dioxide is large, it can not permeate into the skin. This is why the nano bubbles from the CO2SPA help greatly with absorption and beauty and health maintenance.


Features of CO2SPA 2

Easy to install, high usability

CO2SPA is a high concentration device that produces a fine carbonated spring, but the size of the device is very compact.

When installing at home or in a business place, it is possible to do so even if you do not have a fixed location, do not have a shower bar, or install it directly on the floor. In addition, if you have a bathtub, you can accumulate the water from the shower head into the bathtub and easily enjoy the carbonated spring at home.


Example of product introduction

CO2SPA can be individually designed according to the installation location

Hair Salon
Beauty Salon
Nursing Care Facilities
Public Baths and Pools


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Product Video

If there is a "carbonated spring" in the vicinity, users can expect Relaxation × Beauty × Health maintenance : a three way benefit.

Carbonated spring refers to carbon dioxide that has been dissolved in water as fine bubbles. When this carbonated spring is used in a high concentration (1000 ppm or more) state, fine-grained carbon dioxide gas is percutaneous absorbed and a vasodilation effect can be expected. Therefore, even in the medical field, there are many cases where it is utilized as a "medical fountain". The vasodilating effect is extremely effective for cosmetic and beauty purposes.

This "CO2SPA high concentration artificial carbonated spring manufacturing equipment" is the industry's first nanobubble carbonated spring which can be used both at home as well as salons and other related establishments.

This time we will introduce "CO2SPA high concentration artificial carbonated spring manufacturing equipment" which can be used in a variety of carbonated springs in the near future.

Product Introduction VideoProduct Introduction Video

Supplier Information

Supplier Information

Company Name CO2 Systems Co., Ltd
Corporate number 4410001010358
Company description Our proprietary technology (patent pending) non-power & small, multifunctional mixing equipment "Water Nano Cyclone ®" can be mixed with ultra fine bubbles (nano valves) of liquids and gases.

We are developing and selling sterilization, deodorant generator, and artificial carbonated spring production equipment utilizing this technology.
We will continue to research and develop high-concentration oxygen water, Takano hydrogen water, and nano-valve ozone water.
Product and services Outline 1. Manufacturig and sales of high concentrated artificial carbonated spring watar equipment
2. Manufacture and sale of disinfecting water production equipment
3. Manufacture and sales of beauty and health products
4. Plumbing and sanitary maintanance Included
5. Manufacture and sale of equipment related to gas and water supply
6. Sales of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, expendable supplies and drug solutions
7. Glowier Japan Authorized Distributor
Supported Countries Japan
North America
Middle East
South East Asia

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CO2SPA Artificial Carbonate Spring Generator

CO2SPA Artificial Carbonate Spring Generator

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