JET-Global Membership Terms and Conditions

When the customer (hereinafter referred to as “member") uses JET-Global, purchases a product from a retail store through JET-Global,EXIDEA,Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "our company “), uses the products and services of the exhibited store, and uses the various services provided by the exhibited store (hereinafter collectively referred to as “service provider"), the user of JET-Global is deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “the terms”) of this agreement.

Article 1 (Definition of Terms)

In these terms, the following terms shall be used in the following meanings:

1.  The term "member" refers to a corporation, individual employer, or individual who has registered as a member in a predetermined manner upon agreeing to the terms.
2.  "Trading" means the use of JET-Global, the purchase of goods, application for the provision of various services, and various acts of the present application.
3. "Service provider" means the person who provides the goods or services that are subject to the transaction, such as the JET-Global shop.
4. "Member information" refers to information about the attributes of members disclosed to the company and the history of member transactions.

Article 2 (Application of these Terms)

1.  After agreeing to the terms, the member shall be able to use our services by registering as a member in accordance with the provisions of the terms. Other conditions shall be specified by the company separately.
2.  These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all relationships between the company and its members and service providers regarding our services.
3. The rules that the company states at any time in our services shall constitute part of these terms and conditions. In order for members to use our services, they must agree to all of these terms and conditions. In the event of conflict of these terms and conditions,individual rules shall prevail.
4. Members are deemed to have agreed to all of the relevant rules as well as the terms and conditions at the time of the use of the company's services or when the registration procedure has been established by the company.

Article 3 (Change of Terms and Conditions)

1. We may change, add, or abolish all or part of the contents of our services, and the member shall accept this.
2. The company may change the contents of these terms and conditions after the change through our service with a period of at least three days notice by displaying this information on the site of JET-Global at any time. After the notice period has elapsed, these new terms and conditions will be applied.
3. The member shall agree to the terms and regulations that have been changed if a member continues to use our services after the notice period in the preceding paragraph including if a member continues to use our services without the registration process.

Article 4 (Privacy Information)

In this agreement, privacy information is divided into "personal information" and "personal data". The definitions of "personal information" and "personal data" are as follows:

1. "Personal information" of the private information shall refer to "personal information" of the Personal Information Protection Act, and information about the living individual, the name, date of birth, address, and telephone number is contained in such information. “Personal information” refers to information that can identify a particular individual by a contact or other description.
2. The "personal data" of the private information refers to the "personal information" specified above, the service you used, the product you purchased, the name of the service provider you used, the page you visited, and the history of the advertisement. “Personal data” also refers to the search terms, date and time of use, usage environment, postal code, gender, occupation, age, IP address of users and visitors, cookie information, location information, and individual identification information of the terminal.

Article 5 (Personal Information)

The company establishes and uses personal information as follows:

1. Acquisition of personal information:
The email address and the date of birth are asked for when a member registers information for the use of our service. Also, in order to verify the identify of the member or if you need us to confirm your contact information when you contact us, your name, date of birth, address, telephone number, bank account number, credit card number, we may ask for personal information such as a driver's license number. In addition, we may obtain information about the transaction record including the personal information of the user who made the transaction between the member and the company's business partner, or any other parties involved. The personal information acquired by the company is limited to what is necessary to provide services that are used by or via our services.
Information about the IP address when the member accesses the server, information about the identification number of the mobile device if a mobile device is used for access, and information about the access history of the member from a cookie is collected in order to provide access to the site as a member, in order to investigate the access history and the usage of the member, and to provide the best service to other members. In order for a member to use the service as a member, it is a condition to accept this and accept the cookie. Therefore, if you set up a browser to reject cookies, please understand that you cannot use each service as a member beforehand.

2. Use of personal information
The company will use the personal information obtained by the company for the following purposes broadly:
(1) To view and revise your registration information, to display information about registered information such as name, address, contact, payment method, service used, purchased goods, and their price in order to view usage status.
(2) When using email addresses to inform or contact members, to send prizes or products to members or to contact them when necessary, to use contact information such as name and address.
(3) When using information such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, bank account number, credit card number, driver's license number, and the result of the delivery certificate.
(4) When you use the name of the purchased product, the quantity, the type of service used, the number of times, the charge amount, the name, the address, the payment of the bank account number, the credit card number, etc. to charge the member.
(5) To make it easy for members to enter data, when the information registered with the company is displayed on the input screen or it is forwarded to other services (including the one provided by the service provider) based on the member's instructions.
(6) In order to refuse the use of those who violate the terms and conditions of the service, or to use the service for wrongful or unfair purposes, such as by delaying payment of the money or causing damage to a third party
(7) We use the information required to provide services to users, the usage status of the user, contact information, etc. in order to respond to inquiries from members, such as information about the contents of inquiries and charges, etc.

3. Consent to the disclosure of personal information
When using our services, the following items shall be accepted in advance:
(1) show the ID or nickname to the person viewing the service, so that members can identify each other. In addition, the name shall be displayed to the person who is viewing the service so that the member can identify each other in the service provided on the assumption that the company will use it.
(2) When a member intends to apply for a service or product provided by the company's business partner, the information necessary of information already registered to the company for the application shall be disclosed to the relevant partner, such as name, address, and contact.
(3) In the case where the company determines that a member's credit problem has occurred in the service of a partner, such as a member's delay in payment or a petition for bankruptcy or civil rehabilitation proceedings, or the member himself makes those petitions, Disclosure of information necessary for such partners to charge their own fees to members in response to individual requests from the relevant partner.
(4) To disclose the information of the inquiry to the relevant partners, such as the email address in the event that we receive inquiries about services provided by companies other than the company, such as the services of our partners, and we determine that it is appropriate to conduct inquiries directly from our partners.
(5) Disclosure of information for identifying individuals, such as name and address, ID, and usage mode to partners in order to refuse the use of those who violate the terms and conditions stipulated by the company, or those who use the service for wrongful or unfair purposes, such as to delay payment of the price or cause damage to a third party.
(6) Provide the information necessary for succession and integration of services to the third party in the event that a third party succeeds in all or part of the service, with the termination of the company's services and business alliances with the company and third parties, or when all or part of such services are integrated with services already provided by third parties.

Article 6 (Personal Data)

The company establishes and uses personal data as follows:

1. Retrieving Personal data:
Information such as the IP address of the member, cookie information, location information, and the individual identification information of the terminal are obtained when a member uses the service of the company or the company's business partner, the page is viewed, the product is purchased. The company may, except in certain cases, mechanically analyze the personal data of the member and obtain the results of the analysis and use it for the display of advertisements (behavioral ads) such as the service provider's name of the transaction, the history of the visited page and the advertisement, the search keyword that the member searched for, the date and time of use, the usage environment (the communication state of the terminal when using it through a mobile terminal) , including various configuration information for use, etc.

2. Purpose of use of personal data:
We use personal data broadly for the following purposes:
(1) A service that requires a login to verify whether access is from the same member requesting login
(2) In order to ensure the security of the member, after a certain period of time a member will be prompted to re-enter the ID or password.
(3) When the member wants to be able to process products in the member's shopping cart for internet shopping on this site.
(4) When investigating the number of users of the company or partner sites and the number of induction to company or partner sites.
(5) When we or our partners distribute or provide information about the best content, advertising, and various services to members.
(6) When analyzing and extracting the contents of the services and advertisements provided by the company and its partners to enhance, improve, or examine new services.
(7) When a member publishes the results of analyzing information such as the communication status of a mobile device in order to provide the basic material for the improvement of the environment when the service is used.
(8) In order to respond to inquiries from members, to confirm the user's service usage status.

3. Managing Personal Data
We maintain the accuracy of personal data and manage it properly. However, the operation of personal data that does not include personal information is at the discretion of the company and we do not respond to requests for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, or deletion by members.

Article 7 (Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties)

The company shall not provide the personal information acquired by the company to a third party without obtaining the consent of the person in advance, except as provided below.

1. In the following cases, we may provide personal information to third parties.

(1) If the court receives a judgment or order from the law to disclose it, or if it receives a formal inquiry from a public institution such as the police, pursuant to a law that establishes the right of investigation.
(2) In connection with the use of the services of the company or partner when is deemed necessary to protect the rights, property, and services of a third party or company when a member is in violation of laws, regulations, terms of use, or guidelines, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual.
(3) When there is an urgent necessity, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person, if there is imminent danger to the life, the body, and the property, etc.
(4) Other cases where the personal Information Protection Act is acceptable

2. When we jointly use personal information with third parties, or entrust the handling of personal information to a third party, we conduct a rigorous investigation of such third parties and make proper supervision in order to keep the information secret and protected.

Article 8 (Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of use, and Deletion of Personal Information)

When there is a request for disclosure or correction of personal information from a member, we will appropriately respond to the provisions of relevant laws and ordinances. In addition, we may request a document to be submitted as a method of confirming that it is the person registered as the member, and reserve the right to impose any necessary fee due from account balance or deletion of account.

Article 9 (Member Registration Procedure)

1. An individual person, an individual business owner, and an individual who has been assigned a predetermined registration after agreeing to the terms shall be entitled as a member after the completion of the registered procedure. The member registration process should be done by the person in question. Registration by proxy is not permitted at all. In addition, there is a case to refuse the membership application from the person when it is determined that the member's membership was canceled in the past or is deemed not suitable by our company.
2. During the membership registration process, please read the input carefully and enter the necessary information accurately on the input form.
3. JET-Global also offers children's services or products, but will only permit them to be sold to adults (over 18 years old). Users under the age of 18 may use our services only if they are authorized by a parent or guardian.

Article 10 (Management of User ID and Password)

The member is responsible for the usage and management of their user ID and should follow good practice such as changing it periodically so that it is not known to others. In the event a member ID and password entered match the registered one but is used by non-members due to plagiarism, misuse, or other circumstances we will not be liable for any damage caused.

Article 11 (Change of Registration Information)

In the event of a change in the member’s registered information, you must register the changes promptly. The company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the lack of registration of changes. In addition, transactions that have already been made prior to the change of the member’s information will be based on the information at the time of transaction and not automatically after the transaction has already taken place. If you need to notify the service provider of any changes to your information regarding such transactions, please contact the service provider directly as soon as possible.

Article 12 (Withdrawal of Members)

If you wish to withdraw from the membership, please contact JET-Global Help. Your account will be terminated within a week of contacting us.

Article 13 (Permission to use and intellectual property rights)

1. The company or the service provider use of the site of JET-Global is non-exclusive under the condition that members shall perform the membership registration process and comply with these terms. We grant the member the right to use for non-commercial and personal purposes (the transfer of our intellectual property rights and the secondary use of the content are not permitted).
2. All rights not expressly granted in this Agreement or any other terms and conditions are reserved by the company or its rights holder. No reproduction, duplication, copying, sales, resale, access, or any other use of the site or any part of the company shall be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, accessed or otherwise for commercial purposes, unless permission is expressly obtained by the company.
3. Trademarks, logos, and other proprietary valuable information (including images, letters, page layouts, and forms) shall not be used unless permission is obtained in writing.
4. Unauthorized use of our site is prohibited and can only be used in accordance with applicable laws. If it is used in violation of these terms and other terms of use, the rights of the user authorized by the company are terminated.

Article 14 (Transactions in JET-Global)

1. A member's dealings with a service provider through the company's servers are direct dealings between the member and the service provider. The company shall not be a party to the transaction and will not be liable for the transaction, except as a service provider for the transaction. Therefore, in the event of any trouble with the transaction, the member and service provider will be asked to resolve the problem.
2. If there is a problem with the transaction between the member and the service provider, as a general rule, it is resolved between the member and the service provider as specified in the preceding paragraph, but if it is clear that the service provider is at fault we will conduct an investigation if requested by the member reporting the fact and relation to the company. However, this investigation does not guarantee the resolution of the problem.

Article 15 (Review, Comments, Communication, etc.)

1. Members who use our services may submit reviews, comments, photos and other content, suggestions, ideas, comments, questions, and other information. However, we do not accept content if those contents violate laws, are obscene, threatening, cause defamation, infringe on privacy, infringe on intellectual property rights, cause defamation of third parties, are offensive, or contain software viruses. This also applies to political claims, solicitation for commercial purposes, chain letters, mass mailing of mail, or so-called "junk mail."
2. When a member posts content or sends material, unless other arrangements are specified on the site, the member shall use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create and distribute the secondary copyrighted material to the company. The member is deemed to have granted the right to include non-exclusive, free, permanent, irrevocable, complete sub-licenses that can be viewed worldwide in any media form. The member shall be deemed to have granted the right to use the name sent by the member in connection with such content, if that information is desired by the company and the sub-licensed person. A member has the right to retain or manage all rights to the content it has posted, if the content is accurate, and the use of the content provided is not in violation of this policy. You express and warrant that you will not hurt any other person or organization and that you will compensate us for all claims arising from the content you provide.
3 The Company reserves the right to monitor, edit or delete any account or content, but there is no obligation. We will not be liable for any content posted by members or third parties.

Article 16 (Prohibited Matters)

The member shall not perform the following acts on the site and during use of the services provided by the company:

(1) Violation of laws, regulations, notices or other terms and conditions displayed on the site
(2) Impair the rights, interests, and honors of the company, service providers and other third parties.
(3) Acts that may adversely affect the mind and body of the young, and other acts that violate public order and morals.
(4) Engage in acts of annoyance or discomfort to other users or other third parties
(5) Enter false information
(6) Sending or writing harmful computer programs, mail, etc.
(7) Unauthorized access to our servers and other computers
(8) Lend or transfer a user ID and password to a third party, or to share with a third party
(9) Infringement of copyrights or other intellectual property rights
(10) Infringement of property, privacy or portrait rights
(11) The Act of using the service by pretending to be another member
(12) Other acts deemed inappropriate by the company

Article 17 (Disclaimer)

1. We pay close attention to all aspects of the contents of this site. However, we are not fully assured of the reliability and safety, nor shall we be liable for any damage caused by members or visitors using the content of this site and the services.
2. Please contact the service provider directly in regard to the handling of the contents of the transaction, the contents of the product, the service, the content of the information on the service and the service provider and the service providers, and the handling of the personal data of the services provider. We do not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, usefulness, reliability, legality, or any other third party rights that do not infringe on these contents.
3. We shall not be liable for any damage caused by loss of system interruption, delay, suspension, and data due to failure of communication line or computer by unauthorized access to the data or any other damages incurred by the member regarding our services.
4. We may provide information and advice to members and service providers as appropriate, but we do not take responsibility for them.
5. We do not warrant that the services, servers, or any electronic notices provided by us, or any other harmful elements contained in our services or other services, are not infected.
6. The Company shall not be liable for any kind of damages arising from the use of our services, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, consequential and non-consequential damages. For any material loss or damage incurred by the member through the use of the company's services, the Company shall assume the responsibility for the value of the goods and services purchased by the member only when there is an apparent negligence on our part.

Article 18 (Interruption and Suspension of Services, etc.)

To ensure that the service is always in good condition, in the event of a system maintenance or emergency maintenance, if the system is under load and the company determines that it will interfere with the operation of the service, the security of the member must be secured, and any other necessary measures, such as interruption or suspension of the provision of all or part of the service, shall be taken without prior notice. In this case, the Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to or by the member.

Article 19 (Suspension of use of members and cancellation of membership)

1. If the company determines that the member falls under the following we may suspend the use of the service by the member without prior notice, change the user ID and password of the member, or revoke the membership of the member. The company shall not be liable for any damage caused to or by this member in the following cases:

(1) In the event that a member violates the laws, regulations, or the rules.
(2) When a member is cheating on the use of the service
(3) To ensure the security of the member
(4) Other cases deemed appropriate by the company.

2. In addition to the preceding paragraph, if a member does not perform a certain number of logins within a certain period stipulated by the company, the company may, without prior notice, change the user ID and password of the member and revoke the membership.

Article 20 (Change or Abolition of Service)

The company shall be able to change or abolish all or part of the service at the discretion of the company.

Article 21 (Breach of Contract)

1. In the event that a member violates this agreement, the member shall lose the benefit of the deadline and the company may immediately revoke the membership without notice to the offender.
2. In the event that a member's qualification is revoked pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the offender shall be obliged to compensate the company due to damage arising from the breach.

Article 22 (Force Majeure)

1. When the contractual obligations are delayed or defaulted due to the force majeure stipulated below, the Company shall not be liable for any breach of this agreement.

(1) Natural disasters
(2) Infectious disease
(3) Wars and civil war
(4) Revolution and the Division of Nations
(5) Riots
(6) Fire and explosion
(7) Flood
(8) Strikes and labor disputes
(9) Amendments to the law by governmental agencies
(10) Other emergencies similar to the preceding items

2. When the situation in the preceding paragraph occurs, the Company shall immediately inform the effect of the occurrence of force majeure and notify the expected duration.

3.  If the force majeure continues for more than 90 days, we may cancel this agreement. In this case, the liability for damages shall not fall on the company.

Article 23 (Consultation)

In the event of any doubts regarding the matters not set forth herein and the interpretation of the provisions of this Agreement, the company and its members shall, in good faith, confer and resolve in accordance with the specific commercial law and the civil law and other laws and practices.

Article 24 (Exclusive jurisdiction of the Agreement)

When this agreement becomes a trial dispute, the member agrees that he exclusive jurisdiction shall be the Tokyo District Court.

Article 25 (Governing Law)

This Agreement shall be governed by Japan law and construed by the law of the Japanese government.

(Supplementary Provisions) These Terms and conditions are stipulated on December 22, 2017, and will be applied from January 1, 2018.

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