Sushi Ball Robot

・Onigiri Sushi Machine
・ High Production Capacity
・Fully equipped with the functions necessary for making sushi
・Produce upto 2000 rolls in an hour
・High-performance and cost effective

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XTOP Sushi Ball Robot. A revolutionary machine for great commercial success!

XTOP's Sushi Ball Robot is a product specializing in sushi manufacturing particularly in supermarkets and restaurants. It is fully equipped with the ability to produce sushi at a reliable rate and match the demands of the customers.

Product Name Sushi Ball Robot
Type of machine TSM-09 [With thermal insulation function] TSM-09H
Production capacity 1 Hour 2500 Units(60Hz)/2000 Units(50Hz)*16・18・20・22・24g At the time of Installation /
1 Hour 2000 Units(60Hz)/1600 Units(50Hz)*26・30g・
Body Dimensions Length 30× Width 48× Height 45cm
Weight 18kg
Power 100V~240V
Power Consumption MAX60W
Vinegar Rice Capacity 3kg(1 Liter)

■Sushi Ball Roller :16・18・20・22・24・26・30g [Select 1 Option]
■Number of Sushi Balls:25~30・30~35g [Select 1 Option]

・You can choose one of the above options when you purchase the device.
・The thermal insulation function is set as an option.
・Specifications and external dimensions may be changed without notice for improvement.

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■ Maki Sushi Robot
Automatic supply and molding
Auto Stop function
1 Hour 2800 Units
Width 30× Depth 48× Height 59cm
■Spray oil
A vegetable based lubrication oil that ensures the machine runs smoothly
■ Rice Box
Up to 5 rolls can be stored in a dedicated tray lined with the sushi balls. The device has a built in moisturizing and anti drying effect.
■ Sushi Trays
A dedicated tray that can be used to hold the sushi prior to being packed or moved.

Product development aimed at high quality

Since 1972, we have been involved in the development of a commercial sushi robot, and we have been improving our technology to meet the demanding needs of our valued customers.In addition, we are continuing to develop and research new technologies for sushi robots, aiming to build more high-quality products based on our constantly evolving knowledge about sushi robots.

Sushi Ball Robot/TSM-09(Sushi Ball Robot)

It can be used for a variety of purposes depending on the application

Sushi Ball Makunouchi Bento-ball Sushi Roll

Easy to use

Latest Molding Method(PAT)
New development, special molding type to make a good texture and shape sushi ball.
Storage System
The device comes equipped with a storage case on the back of the body along with a turntable which allows easy management of the sushi.
Rice making automatic adjustment function
The Automatic roller speed adjustment allows you to make a uniform, weight-stable sushi ball every time.
Easy to wash
Easy to remove and wash. It is extremely hygienic and convenient.
Rice Ball Hardness Adjustment Function
The hardness of the finished condition of the sushi ball can be adjusted by an easy to use dial.

A model with simplistic and easy to use features for making Sushi and Bento boxes in a variety of shops.
It is ideal for Japanese restaurants, taverns, catered restaurants, hotels, catering, small-scale super sushi corners, and other overseas sushi shops. It is also able to handle small and large volumes so it is perfect for situations of fluctuating demand.

Supplier Information

Supplier Information

Company Name Resonac
Corporate number 50106-01-050132
Company description Sales and maintenance of food machinery
Product and services Outline ・Design, manufacture and sale of food machines with main refrigeration equipment.
・Design and manufacture of food production lines.
・Food Machine support and consulting.
・Design and manufacture of robots and automatic equipment for food companies.
・Sales of sanitary products for food companies.
・Sales of Sushi robot.
Supported Countries Japan
North America
Middle East
South East Asia

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Sushi Ball Robot

Sushi Ball Robot

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