Operational performance Monitoring System

IoT enables you to quantify (visualize) your manufacturing site and create a networking system to improve it. By acquiring information from the machinery and processing the output data, you can improve productivity and quality by implementing early-stage improvement and overall optimize the entire factory.

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On the production site, if it is possible to quantify the details of the current situation numerically, it enables improvement in work efficiency. This results in higher chances of reaching high productivity.

Recently, there has been a growing number of cases where IoT is improving the workplace and quality of life, but this Dsync is attracting attention as a tool that has the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of work at the manufacturing site.

In the first place, the manufacturing site is a hectic and difficult environment where we have to confront a wide variety of problems at all times.Because of this, risk management is planned beforehand so as to not have it occur at all. However, an accidental problems still occur at other manangement levels and often cause productivity to decrease in a negative spiral, despite counter measures being taken.

By utilizing Dsync, if it is possible to quantitatively grasp the manufacturing site as a numerical value, and prevent such problems from occuring while further improving work efficiency. In other words, it will help improve productivity not only at the manufacturing site but also for the organisation.

Product DetailProduct Description


Features of "Dsync" 1

Speeding up error response by improving real-time performance

Dsync can automatically synchronize the acquired information with the server to grasp the current status of the manufacturing site.
It is possible to grasp the progress status at all times, because it can provide real-time analytics, such as the overall line situation and production volume per machine equipment.

In case of any malfunction or if any of the products stop functioning properly, it will be shown by means of a flashing indicator. The device also helps keep track of production goals to ensure efficiency. If any issue is detected with machinery or production, it will be notified to the concerned personel via LINE.


Features of "Dsync" 2

Reducing management workload through automatic aggregation/realization of data

In order to obtain and aggregate data automatically, the operator can concentrate on the manufacturing and QC operations by drastically reducing the number of units to be filled and aggregated. In addition, administrators will be able to devote time to the analysis of information that is automatically aggregated.

Since it is possible to output the report to Excel format, it can be used as a daily or monthly report, thereby reducing workload and documentation times further.


Features of "Dsync" 3

Easy to measure effectiveness and improvement of activities and quantitative evaluation of teams

Because the operation status is always summarized as a numerical value, quantitative comparison of before/after improvement activity effect becomes easy to grasp easily.
In addition, because the performance of each team is seen as a number, quantitative personnel evaluation is also possible.


Functions of "Dsync"

■ Other than acquiring operation information (addition of call button function etc. on another channel) is also possible

■ For PC and smart devices

■ Wi-Fi communication

■ For Excel Output

■ A wide range of customization and system coordination

■ Japanese, English and Thai languages

Due to the custom settings required, it is necessary to consult in Thai or English prior to purchase for upto 2 or 3 weeks to ensure that it is designed specifically for your business. The following are the steps involved:

1. First, we consult with you to confirm the kind of data you want the device to collect.
2. After deciding the data, you can choose the way in which this data is presented to you.
3. We then set up the IoT device as well as the server applications.
※The purchase does not include the network or server fees.


Product production processProduct Order Process


Email Inquiries


Discussions to understand the situation


Meeting finalization and quotation creation




IoT Production and installation of equipment


T/T Transaction or Escrow settlement

  • Delivery informationDelivery information

    The IoT Device is installed directly on the machine and as such, returns are not possible.

  • Returns and ExchangesReturns and Exchanges

    The IoT Device is installed directly on the machine and as such, returns and exchanges are not possible.

  • Business hours and inquiriesBusiness hours and inquiries

    10:00~17:00(Thailand hours)

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Supplier Information

Supplier Information

Company Name NEXT INDUSTRY ASIA Co., Ltd.
Corporate number N/A
Company description Using iOT Devices and consultation from NEXT , many challenges faced by the manufacturing industry can be addressed in addition to reducing cost and increasing efficiency.
Product and services Outline IoT Sales: IoT deals with the sale of Dsync, a performance monitoring system for businesses, companies and factories. Dsync helps producers to visualize their problems and address them according. It provides improved consulting, reporting and support using IoT device "Dsync". Factory productivity is improved with this device by enabling the management to have a clear visualization of data from the ground up.
BtoB Marketing Business: Web marketing support using web media as well as assistance in producing promotional materials such as flyers, brochures, web sites, etc.
Supported Countries Japan
North America
Middle East
South East Asia

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Operational performance Monitoring System

Operational performance Monitoring System

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