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Air Blast-Type Rapid Freezer 3D Freezer.This freezer is popular both domestically and internationally for business use. It can be used to rapidly circulate cold air with 360° coverage. A rapid refrigeration machine...

Eradication and deodorant Generator "Eradication Revolution ®" : The current solution to address the issue of water sanitation is to have hypochlorite diluted in water, or relying on alcohol eradication, for...

ReJoice makes liquid flash freezers (similar to nitrogen freezers) for business professionals. Liquid flash Freezers keep moisture, texture, original flavor and increase longevity of food via careful crystallization...

The best in Japanese Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers can help you lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. We also look at the uses and benefits of a Hyperbaric Chamber.

· 4 times the adhesive strength of normal paint material · Its Flexible Coating film is waterproof · Reduce power consumption and heating · High Thermal insulation effect prevents heat stroke



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